Investment Approach

As an independent investment advisory firm, we work together with our clients to choose portfolios that best match your risk tolerance and goals. We seek to find valuable companies that provide quality products and services that are doing good in the U.S. and around the world. We are pursuing for “good returns” for “long term investors.”

Investment Approach
  • Long Term Objective of Good Returns

    We believe that investment decisions should be based on goals and those investments should require the least amount of risk in order to accomplish the long term objective (5 years) of “good returns.”

  • Pursue Gains Without Compromising Conscience

    We believe that —over time— companies that are ethical and trying to do good tend to be the most successful over time. Therefore, we include investments that seek justice and mercy for the defenseless and the poor, compassion for those who are addicted or engaged in harmful lifestyles, and protection for the family structure. Our goal is to pursue gains in the market without compromising conscience.

  • Low Investment Management Fee

    Our investment management (financial planning) fee begins at 1% of the investment assets that we manage. In addition to fees charged by Wise Wealth, the portfolio fees are typically less than 1/2% (much lower than the industry average). Since our fees are based on the assets that we manage, we have a “vested interest” in our client’s account performance. Therefore, you can rest assured that we are offering portfolio recommendations that we believe are in your best interest and that will provide you with the rate of return you need while keeping the internal expenses as low as possible. We succeed when you succeed.

Investment Goals

Low Risk

Lower standard deviation than benchmarks

Above Average Returns

Higher than underlying benchmarks

High Integrity/High Impact

Quality control/ethical values approach

No Load/Low Cost

ETF’s and mutual funds