We are passionate about education. As a former teacher, our Founder has built Wise Wealth on the foundation of wisdom. Our slogan is “First Wisdom, Then Wealth” which means that we provide education and wisdom before building successful financial plans for our clients. Financial peace comes from having a plan. After someone becomes a client, the education continues through ongoing events and workshops designed for our clients based on their needs.

Continuing Education

Our passion, and the foundation of every decision we make with clients, all comes back to first having a plan, then building wealth. Because of this, we offer different classes and seminars to equip our clients with the answers they need.

Our Resources

Retirement Guides, Calculators and Videos.

Our Events

Educational events and Summer Educational Series.

KC Live

The release of the book “Simplify Your Retirement” prompted much community interest as many are looking for simple steps to prepare for retirement, while still getting the professional guidance along the way.

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