About Us

Wise Wealth LLC is committed to working alongside you to build a solid financial future. Honesty, integrity, and the Golden Rule are at the core of how Wise Wealth operates. As an independent, full-service, Registered Investment Advisor firm, Wise Wealth does not represent any particular third-party company or specific financial product, and therefore acts solely in your best interest.

We proudly conform to the financial planning process and Code of Ethics as defined by the CFP Board of Standards, and the Financial Planning Client Bill of Rights. We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm and strive to be a firm that you can trust.

Stephen Stricklin – CFP®, CKA®

President & CEO

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Paul C. Brock

Director of Financial Planning & COO

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Ben Malick – CFA®, CKA®

Director of Investments & CIO

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Becca Ollar, CPA

Director of Tax Services

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Melissa Daigle – CFP®

Chief Financial Planner

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Nick Phillips

Lead Financial Advisor

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Hannah Noel

Director of Operations

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Brooke Arnold

Director of Client Services

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Ashley Selk

Creative Director

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Wise Wealth Independent Branches

Samantha M. Compton

Senior Financial Advisor

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Jonathan Dold – MBA

Senior Financial Advisor

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David Sandhu
David Sandhu – CRPC®

Senior Financial Advisor

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We have developed a number of resources and entities to provide wisdom to our clients. Each of our affiliates meet a different need to first build wisdom, then wealth.