Paul C. Brock

Chief Operations Officer & Executive Vice President

Paul C. Brock

After graduating from Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Mo., Paul worked in ministry for several years. In 2004, while living in Minneapolis, Minn., an opportunity arose for Paul to take his career in a new direction—and industry—and he begin working for Allianz Life.

There, he moved up the corporate ranks and worked in everything from new business to helping policyholders understand how their policy works to helping advisors grow their businesses. It was there he felt something was missing. It didn’t feel right to him to only be talking about one company’s products. That’s when he decided to start a new chapter in Topeka, Kan.

In 2007, Paul started working for Personalized Brokerage Services (PBS), where his desire to work for an independent company was fulfilled. At PBS, Paul was an insurance product and marketing specialist, helping insurance-licensed, independent advisors do what was truly best for their clients while helping them with business development.

In 2008, Paul started working with Stephen, where he discovered their background and beliefs were similar, not to mention they worked great together as a team. Their friendship and complementing styles continued to grow, and Stephen offered Paul a position at Wise Wealth. Paul joined the firm in October 2010.

As vice president of Wise Wealth, Paul has varied responsibilities because of his unique background and experience. Paul focuses on case design, researching and building customized client plans, overall marketing strategies for the company’s advisors and handles insurance- and Medicare-related questions as they arise. His drive comes from his desire to help people, a belief that’s what God put him here to do.

Paul’s past experience, advising hundreds of cases a week assists him with his responsibilities at Wise Wealth. Analytical and able to see the big picture, Paul can see commonalities to put together his clients’ unique plans and because of that experience, he has helped with the growth of Wise Wealth. Paul’s proud to tell clients it doesn’t matter who they work with at Wise Wealth, because the staff works as a team, so clients get the same recommendations and experience, no matter who they’re working with.

Along with the responsibility of overseeing the firms’ day-to-day operations, Paul is also in charge of ensuring the technological needs of the staff are met so they can perform at their best for clients each and every day.

Outside of the office, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife Crystal and their three children, Tyeisha, Angel and Christian. He is actively involved with his church and considers himself a connoisseur of great coffee, leading local caffeine crawls and brewing quality coffee at home.