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Wealth Transfer

As you build wealth, you will have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy through investments in charitable causes or generational giving. However, sometimes in their zeal to help others, people make costly mistakes that can erode their wealth. Through collaboration with various professionals we can help you avoid these pitfalls, allowing you to maximize your generosity through:

  • Estate Planning Techniques. We can help you construct a comprehensive estate plan that protects your estate with options like life insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability insurance; and we bring in legal professionals who can assist with determining if legal tools are needed and establishing those tools such as trusts.
  • Charitable Giving Solutions. Our passion for giving and insights into different charitable vehicles, including donor advised funds, charitable trusts and annuities, can help you uncover ways to make a major impact with your philanthropy and to measure how to achieve your personal giving goals.
  • Legacy Planning Strategies. Legacy Planning helps you discover ways to use your time, talent and money to make a lasting impression on those you love and the causes you believe in. We’ll help you with the financial aspects of the legacy you want to leave and bring in professionals in other specialties to help as well.

We will work with you to develop an overall plan that provides financial stability to your loved ones, assigns management and caretaking of the estate, protects your estate and addresses potential tax burdens.