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Workplace Financial Education

Employers who offer easy access to quality financial education programs can not only improve the quality of life of their employees but also reap a return on investment of up to $2,000 per year per employee.

Employees who are not worried about their finances are stronger assets for any business or organization. Wise Wealth Financial Education Programs can empower workers by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help them achieve their individual goals, avoid financial traps, and reduce family conflicts. By providing workplace financial education, the programs helps area employers through:

  • Increased productivity.
    Research shows that employees with healthy financial profiles have less absenteeism and improved job performance.
  • Improved loyalty.
    A financial education program delivers personal benefits to employees and tells them that the employer cares about their well-being.
  • Increased participation in company benefits.
    Our program increases participation in benefit plans, allowing employers to eliminate contribution limits for highly compensated workers and benefit from FICA tax savings, where applicable.
  • Increased financial readiness for retirement.
    Our program helps workers prepare to retire on time or accept early retirement, if offered, and to be financially independent upon retirement.
  • Improved ERISA and Sarbanes-Oxley protection.
    Our program could reduce liability arising from not providing employees with adequate financial education.
  • Improved employee health.
    Research confirms that financial health and physical health are linked. Higher financial wellness scores can translate into better physical health and lower health-care costs.

Wise Wealth, LLC is a local and national provider of Financial Education in the Workplace.

Since all Workplace Financial Education Programs are fully customizable to the employer’s needs, please call to discuss your goals and wishies, so that we can craft a plan that works for you and your employees.